Friday, March 11, 2016

Emergence of Counsicousness and Attention.

There are only two kinds of things that we need to pay attention. First kind of thing is the thing you want to do, but you can't do. The second kind of thing is the thing you can do, but you don’t want to do. Apart from them, things just pass by like fog and smoke and we don’t see exactly how and when they were done. They are things that we do everyday unconsciously. They are routines and trifles that we’ve done thousands of times that some sort of muscle autonomy just takes over, free us from the tedious labor. Eating while watching TV, talking on a cellphone while driving, Reading papers in the toilet, or listening to music while doing homework. We seem to avoid paying any attention to those tedious and trivial jobs as much as we can even when we nothing better to do. These tasks are duties which we have no choice but doing , otherwise our bodies will stop operating. As long as it agrees with our nature, and nothing goes against it, then our bodies just know how and when to do it right itself. Put it philosophically, our nature conforms nature itself. It follows the laws of thermal dynamics, and try to maximize entropy if we don’t spend energy to stop it.

Attention is inhibition in cognitive sense. We have to inhibit our desires when we can’t do it. We can’t spend freely, wake up late, or smoke as much as we want , even though it’s what life is about. We must inhibit the desires when our knowledge tells us they are detrimental. Therefore, we are painfully paying attention not letting our nature unleashed. On the other hand, we are forced to do things we hate and never get used to on daily bases. We can choose the easy way, but we don’t. because our knowledge tell us they are the necessary vice, otherwise something worse may happen. We have to inhibit our disinclination every second to fight our natural aversion for the longer good.
Inhibition deforms our mental structure, builds up mental tension, stress, and strain, and transforms entropy into potential energy in the mental deformation. Attention is inhibition in phenomenological sense, it is heat and light emitted when potential energy stored in deformation exceeds the energy threshold of the structure. The deformation becomes fracture, and permanently changes the mental default structure. Mental energy discharge is attention, attention leads to mental suffer, mental suffer leads to consciousness, consciousness leads to selfness. Selfness is the crystallization of entropy minimization, the maximization of inhibition, and the singularity of universe.
Inhibition is the essential element of nervous system. It is impossible for nervous system to generate meaningful patterns without incorporating inhibitory signal. Without inhibitory neurons, excitation neurons will fire unbridled, and we will be led to delirious madness and eventual self-destruction. Inhibitory neurons are the miniature self. They defines the character of nervous systems. They are the source of animation, and the starting point of the betrayal of God.

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